For an independent family business to remain at the forefront of car sales in Suffolk for 56 years there has to be a very special formula. In an age where the big are getting bigger, there is a mass globalisation of businesses and the ever developing world of e-commerce impresses itself upon the market, it is refreshing that a community focused family business can perform so well and even expand in the very competitive market place of the motor trade. Jeffries is no normal dealership. In fact owner Phillip Jeffries stresses that his business is more of a department store.

“We are a quality retailer, like any other. The only difference is two of our key lines happen to be motor cars”.


The essence of what Philip says is absolutely true and is demonstrated as you walk around the “store” with a feeling that this isn’t a car dealership, but a retail outlet.


Station Garage, Broad Road, Bacton

Stowmarket. Tel: 01449 781087 / 781131

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